Best Rimowa luggage alternatives in 2023

Best Rimowa luggage alternatives in 2023



Rimowa is one of the most popular luggage brands of 2023. But unfortunately, the brand’s sleek aluminum design and lifetime guarantee come with a luxury price tag that is out of many people’s budgets. If you’re coveting the cool metallic design of Rimowa, but aren’t ready to shell out for the luxury luggage, consider these top-rated alternatives.

Most of these luggage pieces are also made of aluminum or hybrid materials. Why invest in aluminum luggage? In addition to the sleek and luxurious look of metal, aluminum is less likely to crack compared to polycarbonate luggage.

Keep reading to explore the top Rimowa luggage alternatives.

Best Rimowa alternatives in 2023

If Rimowa’s not quite within your luggage budget, or you’re just interested in a slightly different style, consider these customer-loved luggage options.



Away Travel offers sleek, functional suitcases at a reasonable price point. Jet setters will appreciate the removable, rechargeable battery for on-the-go phone charging, the easy-to-set TSA-approved lock and smooth-rolling spinner wheels. Away’s upgraded aluminum edition offers a more wallet-friendly alternative to Rimowa with the same features as the durable polycarbonate bags that put the brand on the map. Away also offers a warranty that covers damage to the shell, wheels, handles, zippers and other functional elements of the suitcases. This provides added peace of mind when splurging on pricier suitcases.

The aluminum version of Away luggage comes in four sizes: two carry-ons and two check-in. It’s available in three metal tones: silver, onyx black and rose gold. The smaller carry-on weighs 10.1 pounds, the medium-sized one weighs 10.6 pounds, the smaller check-in is 13.3 pounds and the larger version is16 pounds. Prices start at $625.

Pros: Away’s 360-degree spinner wheels make these bags easy to roll through the airport. The suitcases feature a dual-lock for added security. The carry-on fits in most airlines’ overhead bins.

Cons: Color options are somewhat limited. Aluminum construction is more expensive than other options at Away.

Monos Hybrid collection

monos hybrid check-in


Monos is a CBS Essentials reader-favorite luggage brand, and the Hybrid collection makes a great alternative to Rimowa luggage. The Monos Hybrid combines the convenience of polycarbonate with the durability of aluminum, resulting in a lightweight but resilient piece of luggage. 

Like the traditional poly collection, the hybrid comes in two carry-on and two check bags options in addition to a large trunk and three color options, obsidian, champagne and silver. The pieces are made with a hard polycarbonate shell with a metallic finish, a zipperless aluminum frame and an anodized aluminum corner guard. Pricing starts at $325.

Pros: Monos offers a 100-day trial period and a limited lifetime warranty. The aluminum corner guards offer added durability in case the luggage is dropped.

Cons: You won’t get the full Rimowa experience, as the shell itself is not aluminum (though the luggage does feature an aluminum frame).

Shop the Monos Hybrid collection

Samsonite Silhouette 17 



The scratch-resistant polycarbonate Samsonite Silhouette offers an aluminum-like look, with grooving similar to ultra-luxe Rimowa luggage. The roomy, expandable interior offers lots of organizational features, including adjustable straps and clips to hold garments in place, and a removable packing cubes that double as a compression panel and laundry bag. The spinner has custom-engineered wheels and a handle system designed to adjust for precise height.

“I love this suitcase! It is now my default suitcase for my longer trips. It’s very roomy. I also love that it has a waterproof pocket and optional lock,” a Samsonite reviewer says.

Pros: The suitcase earned a 4.7-star rating from reviewers. It offers a sleek metallic appearance. The checked bag is spacious and includes several internal compartments for easy packing.

Cons: There are limited color options. It’s more expensive than several other Samsonite luggage options.

Calpak Ambeur luggage

Calpak Ambeur


The Calpak Ambeur collection is quite affordable compared to Rimowa, but still offers a sleek, high-end look. The collection is made with polycarbonate and ABS materials rather than aluminum, yet the silver colorway still offers a similar look to Rimowa’s classic aluminum luggage.

The collection is available in mini carry-ons, standard carry-ons, checked bags and more. The polycarbonate bags feature interior dividers with pockets, dual 360-degree spinner wheels, an extending handle and a TSA-approved lock.  

Choose from four metallic colors, including the silver colorway. Prices start at $165.

Pros: Several Ambeur luggage pieces and sets are on sale right now. The suitcases are made with durable materials including a hard polycarbonate shell.

Cons: The luggage pieces are not aluminum like Rimowa’s are.

Shop the Calpak Ambeur collection

Level8 Gibraltar aluminum carry-on



Crafted out of aerospace-grade aluminum magnesium alloy, the Gibraltar aluminum carry-on, available in silver and gray, weighs 10 pounds and fits neatly in the overhead bin of an airplane or the trunk of a car. Keyless and zipper-less, the sleek suitcase boasts TSA-approved locks, 360-degree durable spinner wheels and comes with a four-piece organizer bag set.

“The suitcase feels and looks high quality. It is heavier than your typical suitcase at 10 pounds, but on par with other metal suitcases,” says one verified buyer. “I love the storage dividers, interior fabric, rubber gasket and pull-out handle.”

Pros: Made with scratch-resistant material and reinforced with meta corner protectors for long-lasting durability. Includes removable dividers for flexible packing. Comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s relatively inexpensive for aluminum luggage.

Cons: Fewer sizing options are available than its competitors.



Rimowa pioneered the aluminum luggage trend, introducing them to the market in the 1930s. The high-end, celeb-favorite Rimowa Classic Cabin S suitcase features TSA-approved locks, a height-adjustable flex divider and a telescopic handle. And like all of Rimowa’s designs, it has grooves inspired by the first all-metal airplane.

Aside from its quality materials and construction, one of the greatest benefits of buying a piece of Rimowa luggage is peace of mind. The brand includes a lifetime guarantee on all new suitcases, covering all functional aspects (but excluding wear and tear). Rimowa also offers in-store repairs and even in-hotel repairs at participating international locations.   

Pros: Its aluminum construction protects your belongings much better than soft-sided or polycarbonate luggage. This suitcase comes with a lifetime warranty,
Cons: Rimowa suitcases are much more expensive than the average travel suitcase. 

Rimowa suitcases come in a lot of shapes and sizes, materials and colors. Size and color combinations vary per collection, but most come in a few cabin (carry-on) and checked luggage options. There is also a trunk, an extra large piece of luggage designed for trips two weeks or more. Some of our favorite aluminum pieces from the brand include: 

More top-rated luggage options

Are the above suitcases not quite right for you? No worries — your friends at CBS Essentials have compiled a number of luggage roundups designed to help you shop for your next bag or suitcase. Check out our luggage coverage here: 

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