Best handheld vacuums of 2023

Best handheld vacuums of 2023

Bissell via Amazon

The experts at CBS Essentials have found the best handheld vacuums of 2023. These handheld vacuums offer a strong cleaning performance. These small cleaning appliances can tackle pet hair, and they’re compact enough to fit in your car and serve as your car vacuum or crevice tool. These handheld vacs offer powerful suction for removing dirt and debris in tight spaces.

Keep reading to shop the best handheld vacuums of 2023.

Bissell pet hair eraser lithium ion hand vacuum, $79

Black + Decker Dustbuster Advanced Clean and handheld vacuum, $69

Shark Ultra Cyclone Pet Pro cordless handheld vacuum, $79

What you should know about buying handheld vacuums

There are some things you should know before you buy a handheld vacuum. These small cleaning devices work great inside closets, cars, on tabletops, in hard-to-reach corners and under furniture. But not all handheld vacuums are made equally. Some of these small vacs are more lightweight, some offer more suction features and some offer more attachments.

Before you buy a handheld vacuum, you should know your vacuum needs. If you have a pet, you might want to find a handheld vac that’s powerful enough to suck up pet hair and cat litter. If you’re easily grossed out, you should select a vacuum that includes a no-touch dustbin disposal (of which we have found many). Consider your budget — most handheld vacuums with all the latest features and function are around the $100 mark. If you’re looking for a wallet-friendly hand vac, we’ve found a bunch on sale now, below.

These handy and compact handheld vacuums complete your lineup of cleaning supplies

The experts at CBS Essentials have found the best handheld vacuum options on the internet. These handheld vacuums are all rated at least four stars or higher and include tons of positive reviews from customers like you.

Shark Ultra Cyclone Pet Pro cordless handheld vacuum


Shark via Walmart

This 4.2-star-rated Shark handheld vac is designed for powerful suction and features a motor with a long-lasting life. The Shark Ultra Cyclone Pet Pro weighs just 2.8 pounds. It features an extra-large dust cup and comes equipped with a detachable motorized pet brush to suction pet hair.

Hate touching whatever your vacuum has collected? The Shark device includes Shark’s Clean Touch dirt ejector for hands-free debris disposal.

Shark Ultra Cyclone Pet Pro cordless handheld vacuum, $79

Black + Decker Dustbuster Advanced Clean and handheld vacuum


Black + Decker via Walmart

Walmart customers love this 4.3-star-rated Black + Decker handheld vac. “This is the best dust buster we’ve had so far. It has two power settings, very powerful and picks up everything! Love the longer nozzle so you can get into every nook and cranny,” wrote a reviewer.

Black + Decker Dustbuster Advanced Clean and handheld vacuum, $69

Shark Ultra Cyclone Pro cordless handheld vacuum


Shark via Walmart

At just 2.2 pounds, this handheld vacuum is extremely lightweight, making it a great choice for people who can’t do heavy lifting. “It’s small and powerful. I use it for the interior of my vehicle,” wrote a Walmart customer. “Very convenient with the plug-in electric charging and gets the vehicle looking brand new in no time!”

It’s on sale at Walmart now.

Shark Ultra Cyclone Pro cordless handheld vacuum, $57 (regularly $64)

IonVac lightweight handheld cordless vacuum cleaner


IonVac via Walmart

This budget-friendly vac comes in four fun colors. This cordless vac includes two attachments: a crevice nozzle and a brush attachment for upholstered furniture and sensitive surfaces. This IonVac’s built-in rechargeable battery allows you to charge it from any wall outlet or USB power source.

IonVac lightweight handheld cordless vacuum cleaner, $23

Bissell pet hair eraser lithium ion hand vacuum


Bissell via Amazon

Amazon customers rate this Bissell hand vacuum 4.6 stars. Reviewers say it’s a must-have for pet owners.

“I am extremely blown away by this hand vac,” wrote a reviewer. “I actually bought this primarily to clean out cars in other areas that are difficult to get to without an extension cord. I then tried it on a rug in my sons bedroom which, for all intents and purposes, looked clean to me, but the chamber filled halfway up with hair within minutes. I couldn’t believe it. Furthermore, I tried it on the bathroom floor where there’s trails of litter. This thing actually picked up the litter without any kickback whatsoever. I was completely blown away, and I continue to invest in Bissell because I like their commitment to animals, but really, between steam mops and operates. I am really really impressed with this item.”

Bissell pet hair eraser lithium ion hand vacuum, $79

Iminso handheld vacuum


Iminso via Amazon

Tackling crumbs, hair and general mess? This hand vacuum with two powerful suction levels might be just what you’re looking for.

“I wanted a handheld for floor crumbs. We have a baby that is learning how to eat. I also have a husband who sits on the couch and makes more crumbs than the baby,” wrote an Amazon customer about this 4.8-star-rated vacuum.

“I’m very excited that this vac has suction strength. I’m able to run it over the couch and use the attachments to get to the crumbs in the cracks. I also have hair shedding after I stopped pumping and my bathroom floor looks like a hair salon. The suction grabs everything up and I don’t have to constantly paper towel the floor. It’s been a mommy lifesaver.”

Iminso handheld vacuum, $60

Nicebay handheld vacuum


Nicebay via Amazon

This vacuum is a steal at 70% off.

This small handheld vacuum cleaner is equipped with brushless motor. It features two powerful suction modes, an HD LED display, a large capacity battery and fast-charging tech. This handheld cleaner can work continuously for 26 minutes with the standard suction and 11 minutes with max suction when fully charged.

Nicebay handheld vacuum, $60 (regularly $200)

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